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Knights Landing Sportsmen's Club, Inc.

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The Knights Landing Sportsmen's Club is located in the Sutter Basin region of Northern California about 30 miles northwest of Sacramento Ca.

KLSC provides pheasant hunting opportunities during the regular DFG pheasant season. The following pages will provide you with information on how to join us in hunting pheasants in the Knights Landing area as well as information about our organization and the good work that we do.

The “Knights Landing Sportsmen’s Club , is a non profit organization that started it’s pheasant hunting program to raise money for local charities in the Knights Landing and Robbins community areas. Today its main benefactors are the Robins Community Hall, the Knights Landing Fire Dept., the Catholic Church and the Library.  

Over the last 25 years our pheasant hunting club has purchased birds from  pheasant farms. We work with the farms to obtain well flying birds that simulate natural birds as much as possible. We then release 1600 pheasants between the River Garden Farms and Sutter Basin area of Knights landing. This area is open to a limited no. (250) of Associate members each season to insure that there are enough birds for a positive bird to hunter ratio. You will find them in the ditches and the fields much in the old school tradition. You will have to out smart them and out work them.  So bring a comfortable pair of shoes, a good dog, a shot gun that’s quick and easy handlin’ and  get after ‘em!